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I had an older brother and sister 12 and 15 years my senior respectively, parents who were happy together, and my aunt and cousins lived one street over. I had a lot of attention growing up being the baby and all, but my main source of affection came from my Dad. To define our relationship like that would misconstrue it; we were simpatico. Our father-daughter relationship was more like a typical father-son relationship. My mom hated seafood so we would often go get fish together and make fun of people at work, school, etc. My dad is tremendously funny and a phenomenal story teller.

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Home Today, oil and gas is utterly crucial to our society. Many of us enjoy a lifestyle that the generations before us could barely dream of. Here is a summary timeline history of oil usage and exploration, from 40, years ago until today: Oil pits were mined near Ardericca, not far from Babylon, and asphalt was also recovered from the banks of local rivers.

Dating is not easy in your teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s or beyond. My 63 yr old mom is recently widowed and her dating life is a disaster! She’s got everything going for her but her options are so limited that the local shut-in is starting to peak her interest.

Tuesday, December 19, American Flyers: Export Models To cyclist the world over the name ‘Carlton’ stands supreme for hand-made cycle design, construction and finish. It is Carlton policy, however, to supply our machines only through Carlton dealers, who have been selected for their interest in cycling and their ability to give satisfactory service. A genuine hand-made cycle is lively and responsive. The acquisition of Carlton by Raleigh in marked a new era for the company in building and selling top-end racing bicycles.

It led, eventually, to its sponsoring the first British team to win the Tour de France, and for the first and only time, with a British designed and built bicycle. At the same time, Carlton was suddenly thrust into the nascent American market and figured prominently in the country’s astonishing “Bike Boom” of the mid s. In many ways, America was the making and eventually the breaking of Carlton which went from a small bespoke factory to one mass producing more high end British racing bicycles than any firm before or since.

This article attempts to document Carlton’s initial exports to the United States c. What was then the largest cycle factory in the world, Raleigh’s famous Nottingham works, was the backdrop to a newly released film, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, based on a story by Nottingham native and former Raleigh employee Alan Sillitoe and starring Albert Finney. And, most importantly, the business and the British cycle industry itself was transformed with the takeover of Raleigh by Tube Investments which was preceded by a few weeks by Raleigh acquiring Carlton Cycles.

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Just look at the fundamentals. We have invested many man-years in developing the theory, model, and software to calculate it. Every week we publish charts and our calculated fundamental prices. However, predicting the outlook for a longer period of time is much harder. The fundamental shows the relative pressures in the spot and futures markets, but they only show a snapshot.

They do not predict how those pressures might change.

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Gold rallied in all currencies this week. TY issued a buy signal on Monday, and rallied steadily all week long. The TY chart looks substantially stronger than the TLT chart, having managed to close above the previous high set three weeks ago. TY is in an uptrend in both daily and weekly timeframes. The year yield fell That’s a pretty strong move. Is this a flight to safety? The really curious move came on Thursday and Friday: TY moved higher, in spite of the rally in equities.

It could be that there was a major seller of US year notes that has stopped selling.

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Share this article Share But, while the recent breakthroughs may be promising, Musk will still face a number of challenges before either system can truly come to life. Just the week prior, city officials revealed the Boring Company was given the green-light to build a two-mile-long test tunnel in Los Angeles, after the City Council voted four to one in favour of the plan. The CEO has shared a look at the first stages of the system, as it begins to take form.

The tech boss took to social media to share progress on his traffic-beating tunnel beneath Los Angeles, revealing it is now big enough to fit a Tesla Model S. Eventually, the tunnel will run 44 feet under public roads around the SpaceX headquarters, stretching outside of the property line for the first time.

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Prashanth Kumar Sanskrit is really amazing language. I would also make the case for a connection between the sanskrit words agni and jna,,,as light, which fire is the source of, is always connected with the ability to know or perceive,,,light is often metaphorically used for consciousness. The new one derived from the old one… And this goes for every word… The problem for greeks is one: Does it hurt you?? Makes you feel awful??

So, if they try to translate their bunkums in English, they will be also heard as silly!!

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While some become household names due to poor behavior or their dating and fashion choices, others become famous for being genuinely entertaining. Rick Harrison falls into the latter category. The show launched in , and life changed forever for Rick and his family. The unlikely star seems amused by his place in the spotlight. Mark Hutchison, and Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio were on hand for the opening festivities.

Need for Speed was a co-production between Reliance Entertainment, Bandito Brothers and DreamWorks Pictures, and was distributed in the U.S. by Walt Disney Studios Motion was directed by Scott Waugh, based on a script by George Gatins that was adapted from the smash hit video game of the same name.

This is according to Peter Turchin, from the University of Connecticut, who says mathematics can explain human behaviour far more accurately than you might think. And if his calculations are correct, the world should be prepared for years of political turmoil that will peak at some point in the next century. Scroll down for video The rise and fall of civilisations can be predicted by a simple equation, and our civilisation is in for a fall some time soon. This is according to Peter Turchin, from the University of Connecticut.

He said the turmoil would be driven by a process of ‘elite overproduction’ in which the number of rich, elite people in society grows larger and they become ever more distant from those poorer. The academic also predicts ‘the stagnation and decline of living standards and declining fiscal health of the state, resulting from falling state revenues and rising expenses’ would bring about a potentially terminal slump. A professor of Ecology and Mathematics from the University of Connecticut, Peter Turchin has led the development of a cross-disciplinary subject called ‘cliodynamics’.

He started out using maths to predict human activity from B. Then three years ago, using similar models, he began to forecast the future.

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Victoria Peak From Garden Road, a tram takes you for the five-minute ride uphill to the 1,foot (metre) Victoria Peak. After taking in spectacular views and photo opportunities of Hong Kong and Kowloon, board a coach for the drive downhill.

Tweet ‘Follow my example and ride a Lenton’ The popular, well-tried Lenton Sports has proved its worth during the past years and today we know it to be the undoubted thoroughbred of its class. The name has come to be associated with all that is best in cycling, thanks to an outstanding specification combined with the high standard of Design, Quality and Finish so well known to Raleigh Dealers and their customers. This machine represents exceptional value for money.

Its versatile specification harkens back to a time before relentless specialization, harsh Continental frame geometry and clacking derailleur gears. The Lenton was at home on country lanes as it was on time trials, as popular abroad, especially in the United States, as it was at home. A teenage John Lennon cycled the streets of his native Liverpool on his Lenton and for many, it was a first introduction to lightweight sports cycling.

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Sekine Bicycle History s s The Sekine is one of the best mass produced Japanese bicycles from the s even though it was made in Canada for several years. They were a great first bike. Middle of the line Sekines featured all alloy components except possibly the rims. Shimano derailleurs drooped from the dropouts and the Titlist shifted the chain back and forth across the chainrings. Both were powered by downtube shifters.

In this environment, Sekine did well, benefiting from the protection of the tariffs until they were removed in the early 80s.

Mercury: Element of the Ancients The Promise of Power. Intriguing because of its silver hue and liquid state at room temperature, elemental mercury was known .

Element of the Ancients The Promise of Power Intriguing because of its silver hue and liquid state at room temperature, elemental mercury was known to the ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Hindus. Each civilization had its own legends about mercury, and it was used as everything from a medicine to a talisman. Mercury’s chemical symbol, Hg, comes from the Greek “hydrargyrum” meaning liquid silver. Mercury is also known as “quicksilver,” a reference to its mobility.

Speed and mobility were characteristics of the Roman god, Mercury, who served as a messenger to all the other gods and shared his name with the planet nearest the sun. The symbol for the planet was used by the alchemists to identify mercury before it was given its more modern chemical notation. Although mercury’s mystique held the promise of power, many of the ancients also knew it to be toxic.

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So, our ability to trade has weakened anyway, and yet, we are going to launch a trade war with Russia? This is really a lot of smart thinking there fellows. On top of that, we have this giant move in cryptos. So, at the same time, they are trying to use the dollar as a trade weapon.

Narayan Venkat, VP DCS Business Unit, gives an overview of Tegile’s IntelliFlash solution, dating back to its founding in and shipment of its first AFA in IntelliFlash is designed to provide a single flash platform that can be viable for any workload.

There are a number of reasons for this: It is also my personal opinion that American filmmaking was simply better back then, thus yielding more films I find worth reviewing. Having said that, there have been a few later-day movies that have fit the profile to be reviewed on these virtual pages. Need for Speed theatrical movie poster. It was directed by Scott Waugh, based on a script by George Gatins that was adapted from the smash hit video game of the same name. Aaron Paul as Tobey Marshall.

To make ends meet, Tobey and his gang participate in illegal street races where he is a regular winner. Dominic Cooper as Dino Brewster. At one such race, he is approached by former rival Dino Brewster Cooper to finish the build of a bespoke Shelby Mustang that Carroll Shelby was working on when he died. Imogen Poots as Julia Maddon. Despite reservations of dealing with the shady Dino, Tobey has no choice but to accept the job if he wants to keep the shop alive.

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