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The dominant features are the limestone formations of the Middle and Upper Triassic, the Upper Jurassic and the Upper Cretaceous, especially the so-called Durmitorean flysch. Nom file Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch: Wiki, Monte San Giorgio: Wiki South China Karst: The nominated property contains a cross-section of key features of the regional geology of the area including the deposition of carbonates up to the Triassic period million years ago and the subsequent tectonic evolution of the area AB ev Dolomites: Das Gebirge besteht zu grossen Teilen aus Sedimentgestein, das deutlich typische Schichtungen aufweist.

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World The 20 most dangerous countries in the world The World Economic Forum released its annual ranking of the safest and least safe countries. Here are the spots you should avoid Thursday 7 September The World Economic Forum recently released their Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, which analyzes the state of the travel and tourism sectors in countries around the globe.

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Page Content Summary Reconsider your need to travel to Mauritania due to the threat of kidnapping and terrorist attack, and the unpredictable security situation. See Safety and security. Wherever you go in Mauritania, you risk being kidnapped. Foreigners have been kidnapped throughout Mauritania. Avoid unnecessary travel in remote areas.

Register any travel beyond Nouakchott with the local police. Avoid places that are visited by foreigners. Have appropriate personal security measures in place. Be alert to possible threats to your security at all times. Monitor the media for information about possible new safety or security risks. Given the unpredictable security situation in Mauritania, we strongly recommend that you register your travel and contact details with us, so we can contact you in an emergency. See Travel Smart for general advice for all travellers.

Entry and exit Visa and other entry and exit conditions such as currency, customs and quarantine regulations can change at short notice. Contact the nearest Embassy of Mauritania , for the most up to date information.

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See Article History Alternative Title: Tombouctou Timbuktu, French Tombouctou, city in the western African country of Mali , historically important as a trading post on the trans-Saharan caravan route and as a centre of Islamic culture c. It is located on the southern edge of the Sahara , about 8 miles 13 km north of the Niger River. Sankore mosqueSankore mosque, Timbuktu, Mali. Timbuktu was founded about ce as a seasonal camp by Tuareg nomads. According to one tradition, Timbuktu was named for an old woman left to oversee the camp while the Tuareg roamed the Sahara.

In the late 13th or early 14th century it was incorporated into the Mali empire. By the 14th century it was a flourishing centre for the trans-Saharan gold and salt trade, and it grew as a centre of Islamic culture.

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The bed of the Wadi Gangaber passes to the south of the Gao-Saney occupation mound tell but to the north of Gao Ancien. The imported pottery and glass recovered from Gao-Saney suggest that the site was occupied between the 8th and 13th centuries. The 17th century Tarikh al-fattash also states that in the 10th century Gao was situated on the Gourma side i.

This could be the west bank Gao mentioned by 10th and 11th-century authors. The site has not been excavated.

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Meteo Climat record highs and lows [27] Salt trade[ edit ] Azalai salt caravan, mid-December Until the second half of the 20th century most of the slabs were transported by large salt caravans or azalai , one leaving Timbuktu in early November and the other in late March. The salt transport was largely controlled by the desert nomads of the Arabic-speaking Berabich or Barabish tribe.

Between the 12th and 14th centuries, Timbuktu’s population grew immensely due to an influx of Tuaregs , Fulanis , and Songhais seeking trade, security, or to study. By , the population increased to 10, and kept increasing until it reached about 50, in the s. The main agricultural crop is rice. African floating rice Oryza glaberrima has traditionally been grown in regions near the river that are inundated during the annual flood. The rice is harvested by canoe in December.

The procedure is very precarious and the yields are low but the method has the advantage that little capital investment is required. A successful crop depends critically on the amount and timing of the rain in the wet season and the height of the flood. To a limited extent the arrival of the flood water can be controlled by the construction of small mud dikes that become submerged as the water rises.

Although floating rice is still cultivated in the Timbuktu Cercle , most of the rice is now grown in three relatively large irrigated areas that lie to the south of the town: The irrigated areas are run as cooperatives with approximately 2, families cultivating small plots.

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The peace process envisioned to end the political-military crisis stalled in Government forces conducted counterterrorism operations that resulted in arbitrary arrests, summary executions, torture, and ill-treatment. In the north, armed groups made scant progress on disarmament and the government made inadequate progress on the restoration of state authority.

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Profile By Sally E. Findley One of West Africa’s landlocked, drought-prone countries south of the Sahara desert is Mali, a nation with a long history of migrations, dating from the 4th century. In this region the salient feature of poverty is its cyclical and conditional nature. Though poverty is chronic, there are better and worse years, depending on how successful the family is in coping with the irregularities of weather, land productivity, prices, and the fluctuations in labor supply and cost.

Absent is a lasting solution to the irregularity and cyclical downfalls. Migration is an apt response to the cyclical swings of poverty in this region.

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Mali hotel attack: Gunmen ‘storm EU military training base in Bamako’

EPA 8 of 70 Mali terror attack inside the hotel Image: Mali TV 9 of 70 Mali terror attack inside the hotel Image: Mali TV 10 of 70 Mali terror attack inside the hotel Image: Mali TV 11 of 70 Mali terror attack inside the hotel Image:

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Bring fact-checked results to the top of your browser search. The arts The most common cultural activities involve music and dancing. Mali also has a ballet troupe that performs throughout the world. Traditional music from women of the southern area known as Wassoulou is very popular. Several Malian musicians are internationally known: These masks are traditionally associated with funerary rites to honour deceased relatives and to guide their spirits to the realm of the ancestors.

Manfred Werner The Bambara and other groups excel in the creation of wood carvings of masks, statues, stools, and objects used in traditional religions. The Tyiwara , or gazelle mask, of the Bambara is remarkable for its fineness of line and distinct style. Localized handicrafts include jewelry making by the Malinke people and leatherworking around the Niger Bend.

Carved statues and cotton cloth woven with geometric designs are produced for the tourist trade in urban areas. There are also some contemporary Malian artists, mainly in Bamako , who paint and sculpt in modern styles and media.


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