The Gist of Climate Change explained in one Amazing XKCD Comic

I said something along the lines of “All individuals in any species reproduce as much as they can. I hate people thinking evolution is intelligent, and talking about how ‘wise’ nature is!. We already have people that think there’s intelligence involved in evolution, they are called creationists, and they are wrong and stupid. Evolution is nothing but randomness, the universe is binary, that means we always have 2 chances: In the begining there was nothing, or anything, or everything, whatever you want to call it, there was nothing else to compare it too, so that was whatever it was by itself. The only possible next state for that singularity is just one thing, and that is whatever can be defined as NOT that other thing. So, we call that previous inevitable state ‘nothing’ ,and the only possible state that is not nothing as ‘something’. They define each other and require nothing else to just be because there’s nothing else yet. There we have what we call ‘tendency, inertia, intention’ or whatever human name you want to give it.


August 23, at 1: It is simply a computer run. The problem is that this is precisely what happens when computer models do the warming scenarios.

Jul 27,  · Those abrupt global warming events were almost always highly destructive for life, causing mass extinctions. The symptoms from those events (big, rapid jumps in global temperatures, rising sea levels, and ocean acidification) are all happening today with human-caused climate change.

Ten facts about climate change 1. Climate has always changed, and it always will. The only sensible thing to do about climate change is to prepare for it. Accurate temperature measurements made from weather balloons and satellites since the late s show no atmospheric warming since In contrast, averaged ground-based thermometers record a warming of about 0.

Many scientists believe that the thermometer record is biased by the Urban Heat Island effect and other artefacts.

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Zits Futurama mentioned on Zits. Magazines Cracked was a humour magazine which based most of its material on popular culture. This gallery shows all appearances of Futurama in Cracked: Futurama is parodied on the cover of published December, , The full 5 pages can be read here.

Most Californians (54 percent) say global warming is already having an impact Most likely voters (79 percent) also view the U.S. Senate candidates’ positions on the environment as at .

Wild Thoughts from an Untamed Heart Monday, July 27, Skeptics and Deniers are Dangerously Wrong The Science Is In “Global Warming” by Fernando Agudelo There is a deceptive, disingenuous video circulating the cyber world called “What They Haven’t Told You About Climate Change” produced by Prager University, a nonprofit organization that claims to offer “knowledge and clarity on life’s biggest topics at no cost” through “awesome five minute videos” from a “conservative perspective.

Their recently-released climate change video features Patrick Moore, who left Greenpeace years ago to become a paid spokesman for corporate polluters and is now a consultant for the nuclear and fossil fuel energy industry. He told the interviewer that one “could drink a whole quart of it” without any harm. When Moore was challenged to drink a glass of the weedkiller, he refused and ended the interview. In the Prager climate change video — in a excruciatingly monotone voice and tedious manner — he seems to be reading from scripted cue-cards that just might as well have been provided by the Koch brothers.

He does bring up an interesting analogy: In fact, many of the people now paid by the fossil fuel industry to spread climate-change denial were once paid by tobacco companies to discredit and refute the overwhelming scientific evidence about the toxic dangers of smoking. There exists a well-funded, highly-complex, fairly coordinated “denial machine” made up of pseudo scientists, fossil fuels corporations, conservative think tanks, politicians and various front groups fighting against what they perceive as a threat to a western social order built by industrial capitalism powered by fossil fuels.

They specialize in manufacturing conspiracies, hoaxes, skepticism, uncertainty and doubt. They attack good, sound science. Prager University and Patrick Moore are part of that propaganda machine.

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The first is the statistical accuracy of current climate models and measures, espescially as they are frequently combined with models and measures from as long as two or three hundred years ago to create the current warming trend. Back then, temperature was measured haphazardly with mercury thermometers and ‘dead reckoning’.

These problems are compounded for oceanic temperature, a pretty big part of the global climate model given that the oceans take up quite a bit of the surface. Until the late ‘s, oceanic temperature was measured infrequently by people on ships traveling along trade routes, the temperature some areas may have been measured several times a week, while the vast majority may have only been measured once by an explorer, if at all. These days however, the oceanic temperature can be measured with ridiculous degrees of exactness and frequency via satellites.

Given that the oceans are generally warmer than land, even assuming we have perfect measure of land temperatures going back the beginning of time, the huge increase in our ability to measure oceanic temperatures would translate to a perceived increase in global average temperature unless the models of pre- and post- satellite temperature were correlated to account for the differences.

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Yet several prominent global warming skeptic organizations are actively working to sow doubt about the facts of global warming. These organizations play a key role in the fossil fuel industry’s “disinformation playbook,” a strategy designed to confuse the public about global warming and delay action on climate change. Who are these groups? And what is the evidence linking them to the fossil fuel industry? Here’s a quick primer on several prominent global warming skeptic organizations, including examples of their disinformation efforts and funding sources from the fossil fuel industry.

Many have received large donations from foundations established, and supported, by the fossil fuel billionaire Koch brothers. Let me count the ways. These economic analyses are at times accompanied by a dose of climate contrarianism. Koch foundation contributed to Suffolk University from CEI has also received funding from Koch foundations, dating back to the s. They are murderers, tyrants, and madmen. Heartland also raked in millions from the Koch-funded organization Donors Trust through ExxonMobil continues to provide annual contributions to the Heritage Foundation, despite making a public pledge in to stop funding climate contrarian groups.

At other times Bryce has expressed indifference to the science on climate change.

How to make climate graphs look scary — a reply to XKCD

Unfortunately, it appears that there is this “wait and see” and “take things as they come” attitude among too many though. This is amazing to me, in light of major flooding, heat waves and forest fires becoming annual events instead of or year events. Unfortunately, “prevention” is obviously not in the vocabulary of those that should really learn the meaning and value of this word.

A reasonable number of years ago I was dating four women, which was definitely one too many. Global Warming: so-so science, horrible politics XKCD; Short Fiction. Wendigo. Archives. February (1) October (1) September (3) August (1).

A strange thing happened in the stratosphere September 2, This disruption to the wind pattern – called the “quasi-biennial oscillation” – did not have any immediate impact on weather or climate as we experience it on Earth’s surface. But it does raise interesting questions for the Scientists begin to unravel summer jet stream mystery August 25, Scientists have discovered the cause of the recent run of miserable wet summers as they begin to unravel the mysteries of the Atlantic jet stream.

British weather set to become more unsettled September 9, The new research, published today 9 September in the International Journal of Climatology, shows that weather patterns over the UK have become distinctly more unstable, resulting in contrasting conditions from very Clear link between solar activity and winter weather revealed October 10, Scientists have demonstrated a clear link between the year sun cycle and winter weather over the northern hemisphere for the first time.

Recommended for you Researchers measure carbon footprint of Canada hydroelectric dams November 22, Squatting on spongy soil, a climate scientist lays a small cone-shaped device to “measure the breathing” of a peat bog in the northern part of Canada’s Quebec province. Researchers find simple way to massively improve crop loss simulations November 21, Droughts or heat waves have consequences that spread beyond farmers anxiously watching their fields; these fluctuations in crop yields can send shockwaves through local and global food supplies and prices.

Lake Erie algal blooms ‘seeded’ internally by overwintering cells in lake-bottom sediments November 21, Western Lake Erie’s annual summer algal blooms are triggered, at least in part, by cyanobacteria cells that survive the winter in lake-bottom sediments, then emerge in the spring to “seed” the next year’s bloom, according Pacific Ocean typhoons could be intensifying more than previously projected November 21, Changes to the uppermost layer of Earth’s oceans due to rising temperatures are likely causing an increase in intense Pacific Ocean typhoons, suggesting strong typhoons may occur more frequently than scientists project in Discovery of a new gene could shed light on chemical exposure effects in humans November 21, The discovery of a new gene in zebrafish could lead to a better understanding of how exposure to chemicals leads to disease in humans, according to a new Oregon State University study.

Using new data, US finds no pause in global warming

So we came back. When you talk to A. Contrary to the spooky stories that Musk seems intent on telling, A. Andrew Ng builds artificial intelligence systems for a living. He taught AI at Stanford, built AI at Google, and then moved to the Chinese search engine giant, Baidu, to continue his work at the forefront of applying artificial intelligence to real-world problems. What do actual AI researchers think of the risks of AI?

This is called global warming and is part of a climate change, a subject that has become a recurrent subject on xkcd. There are still many people who claim that this is not happening, or at least that it is not caused by any human actions, called climate change deniers.

By Sam Lowry February 3, The show is well-written and acted, has a half dozen funny one-liners per episode, and delivers a weekly helping of science and nerd culture in-jokes. In a recent episode, Howard the NASA scientist erased several hours of data from the Mars Rover after inviting a woman he had met in a bar to come back to his office and drive it. His pick up line: Three of the four main characters are scientists with limited romantic prospects.

Howard lives with his mother and inhabits an imaginary world where his Beatles haircut makes him irresistible to women. Not only is this not true granted I work at a science magazine but most of the researchers I meet are very cool and many of them are women , but research has posited that these portrayals potentially discourage kids from pursuing science past junior high. People love these characters. People loved Urkel , but no one wants to be Urkel.

As the creators of the dominant portrayal of scientists in American culture right now, the producers of BBT can do better.

There’s Only One Real Difference Between Liberals and Conservatives

Just the other day I was speaking to a climate change skeptic who made mention of an old Time or Newsweek he was not sure article that talked about fears of a coming ice age. But here, David Kirtley places a recent meme that seems to be an attempt to diffuse concern about global warming because we used to be worried about global cooling. The meme, however, is not what it seems to be.

And, David places the argument that Ice Age Fears were important and somehow obviate the science in context.

Unprecedented atmospheric behavior disrupts one of Earth’s most regular climate cycles and the bozo’s just pretend that it doesn’t have any consequences to the planet’s future.

But what policies of the last 8 years were so terrible? Has legislation been introduced by the Democratically controlled congress to change these policies? How have the republicans been preventing legislature from getting through – and why would they, if the current policies are so unpopular. To some extent, “the last 8 years” is really the first 6 years of the bush administration followed by 2 years of a lame duck president with a veto stamp.

The democratic congress did pass legislation to try and clean things up and it did pass they did have the majority after all but they could not get enough republican support to get the necessary votes to override a presidential veto. Bush just vetoed it. Even if one party controls both houses, they cannot pass legislation with impunity. The veto power still exists. The republicans were more than sufficient to prevent the bills from getting enough votes to override the veto.

So really, it’s the policies of those first 6 years and the inability to do anything about it over the next 2. That and the war that was started cannot be stopped by congress alone. The filibuster is such a popular thing to talk about but in this case, it’s completely inconsequential.

Reflection on a Road Not Taken

A shadow over the Earth. The United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC — the global agency tasked with providing objective analyses of the societal impacts of climate change — released a powerful report Sunday evening. It concluded that limiting Earth’s warming to just 1. Already, the average global temperature has risen by 1 degree Celsius since the 19th Century.

This time, he’s tackling climate change, with a long, vertically scrolling timeline of planetary temperature from 20, BCE to various projects in

A Comment on Science Education Which is older, the dark dike, or the lighter sedimentary rocks? How would you do on this test taken from a chapter in Carlson, Plummer and Hammersly’s excellent Physical Geology: If rock A cuts across rock B, then rock A is rock B. Which is a method of correlation? Eras are subdivided into a. Periods are subdivided into a. Which division of geologic time was the longest? Which is a useful radioactive decay scheme? C dating can be used on all of the following except a.

Concentrations of radon are highest in areas where the bedrock is a. Which is not a type of unconformity? A geologist could use the principle of inclusion to determine the relative age of a. The oldest abundant fossils of complex multicellular life with shells and other hard parts date from the a. A contact between parallel sedimentary rock that records missing geologic time is a.

Allan Adams: The discovery that could rewrite physics

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